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The time from 1000B.C. to 500 B.C. was the time of the Greek Poleis. During this era thither was constant semipolitical conflict that took place amidst the scummy and the aristocracies. In this era, new governments skeletal frameed end-to-end Greece, destroying the officeful aristocracies throughout the Greek poleis. The factors that triad to the downfall of the aristocracy were kors proposal of a Polis through his story, the Iliad, overpopulation and affect distribution of degrade. The Iliad was Homers proposal which sent a message to state of wards the concourse of Greece that the aristocracy was a horrible form of government. The Iliad was a story about the employment of Troy. All of Greece went into war with Troy because there was an affair between the queen of Greece and the prince of Troy. due(p) to one aristocrats fury many mickle fought in the war and died. The Iliad showed people how the aristocracies were unreasoning rulers. Due to Homers story many peopl e were angered by the aristocrats and wanted a change in the government. This ultimately helped divulge the aristocrats and lead to the destruction of the aristocracy. Overpopulation was a study problem for the Aristocrats in the period from 1000 B.C. to 500 B.C. In Greece, overpopulation meant less set ashore for the lower class. This made the farmers and merchants angry at the aristocrats and during those brief periods of political chaos a tyrant would usually emerge. These tyrants took away some(a) of the aristocrats agency by letting the aristocrats whop that the people would struggle back. One of the reasons why the aristocrats had so untold power was because they had so some(prenominal) land. During this time period, land meant power and the aristocrats controlled most of the surround land. During this era, a tyrant named Cleisthenes rose to power. He created the Council of 500 which redistributed the land fairly to everyone. This took away the aristocrats power bec ause now everyone had land and so the aristo! crats did no have that much power. This weakened...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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