Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cocos Nucifera

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION The cop is the crowning glory for all, in particular to girls, for it marks the looks of a person. So, we must take good c be of it. With this, our scalp and tomentum cerebri must have spare care and attention, thats wherefore we consider sensory hair oil. This look for is about the possibility of draw and oil ask outed from genus Cocos Nucifera as a help for hair smoothening. Hair oil moisturizes the scalp, makes our hair glow, especially for dry and frosty hair. The coconut meat meat we need in this debate is abundant in the Philippines. We can today find them in our backyard, etc; since we live on a tropical place. Coconut has the presence of lauric acid. In this study, we normally use the extract of coconut which has lauric acid. With this, Cocos Nucifera could help in little(prenominal) hair gloaming and hair smoothening. This study employs the impressiveness of this experiment to our economy in the country, since its natural. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study depart project the feasibility of the Milk and Oil Extracted from Cocos Nucifera as a help for hair smoothening. In so doing, the characteristics will be compared to commercial hair oil and will be tested to assorted hair conditions. Most specifically, the tec aims to: 1. analyse the expend to commercial merchandises in terms of effectiveness. 2. Compare its effect to the diametrical hair conditions and set-ups. HYPOTHESIS There is no evidential discrepancy between the product and commercial oil, and the effect on the different set-ups. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Nowadays, people are having problems with the increasing cling to of cosmetics. So, we thought of why not use things around us. Since we are living on a tropical country, we used coconut milk and oil, which was proven to be effective in having less hair fall. Our thesis, this time, will prove that this 100% natural product from the extract of coconut oil, can also help in hair smoothening. This study may c! ontribute to the needs of the community. This is...If you confirmative request to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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