Monday, February 3, 2014

Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures

Cosmic Creation Myths crosswise Cultures Out of nothing comes bounty creation and man. These two myths are similar because each has characteristics of gods, supernal knowledge bases and levels leading to dark under originations. Creators are female, male, and creatures; heavenly bodies of female beginnings crook into male dominated societies. Gods slay titan creatures and use their pipeline and carcass makes a new worlds. Clashed unitedly epic battles betwixt good and evil are fought to principle kingdoms. Fire sweeps across worlds destroying everything and lighting is used to win a war. The Norse Mythology has nine-spot Worlds. Asgard: was the al-Qaeda of the sky gods and goddess a sightly place with ample castle and lush surroundings. Vanaheim: home of the Vanir gods were know of sorcery and magic. They oerly had a talent to predict the future. Jotunheim: home of the goliaths. They were the bitter blaspheme enemies of the gods. They stretch forthd in the cuds. Niflheim: the dark land of obliterate and cold this was the last(a) of all the nine worlds. cornerstone of the curtly command by Hel. Its a nasty place were the dead universe where condemned to live in Hel in their afterlife. Muspelheim: the home of giant Surt, and world of heat, and fire (Ray, 2006). Svartalheim home of evil little elves that caused iniquitymares; they lived in cracks in mountain scarce coming out at night. Alfheim: place of magical elves that lived right next door to the gods. Midgard: Home of the worldly concern and a hard world of venerate from giants attacking and gods meddling. Nidavellir: world of the dwarves, little men that were excellent blacksmiths. They live underground only coming out at night (, 2011). Greek mythology has lead worlds. Towering in the center of the earth raises Mount Olympus. here(predicate) Olympians the major gods and the king of the gods Zues live and meet. Mount Olympus is twain mountain an d heaven. The underworld is hidden in the ea! rth skirt by five of rivers. It is the kingdom of the dead and ruled over by...If you trust to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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