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minimal brain dysfunction Hannah Mann PSYCH/500 October 25, 2010 attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder ( minimal brain dysfunction) a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often persists into adulthood. correspond to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorder, minimal brain damage is characterized by three main symptoms. The first symptom is cargonlessness that sometimes manifests as the individual developing difficulty sustaining attention, does non count to listen to spoken instruction, has trouble following through with instructions, and frequently misplacing things. The second main symptom of ADHD is hyperactivity. Hyperactivity stinker be portrayd as fid realizeing, excessive talking, inability to remain post or still when this is expected, or is commonly answer ford as on the go. The final symptom is impulsivity. The best way to describe implulivity is a tendency to blurt out responses quickly, inability to extend for their turn, or frequently interrupts/intrudes (American Psychiatric Association (APA), 1994). Accordingly to Barkley, behavioural inhibition is a central impairment in those with ADHD (though see the motivational deficits theory. A key feature of Barkleys model is that inhibition serves as a trigger for adjuvant effects in various executive functions, including working(a) storehouse. working shop is a system of interacting cognitive components that support the transshipment center and moral manipulation of information over brief periods. Although working memory shares a neuroanatomical association with the frontal lobes, authentic curtilage suggests that in cognitive terms at least, it is distinguishable from separate executive functions such as inhibition. Individuals with ADHD attest unassailable working memory deficits, particularly in visuo-spatial tasks. In contrast, motion in short-term memo ry tasks, such as ahead recall of digits, w! ords, and spatial locations, tends to be within age-expected levels. ADHD children are usually rejected by their peers and have a...If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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