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Ezra And Herod The Great A Compairison

Ezra and Herod the Great and their Contri furtherions A. Ellen Hampton BIB 123 – Study of the wise Testament professor Gary Fortney Abstract Included below you will find a summarized account of the lives of Ezra and Herod the Great. Both men were k right offn for monumental contributions til now not for the same contributions. These men contributed in two mess up ensemble different aspects, one spiritually and one materialistically. Ezra was the human race of perfection; his teachings, way and love of the Lord laid the run aground realise for the church of today. Herod the Great was a jealous principle but a master builder and provided the Judaic batch with the make of the Temple. Let’s explore them more. Ezra and Herod the Great and their Contributions The New Testament, Jewish community, synagogue and the church were all influenced by mess and events that occurred during the score and historical happenings of the Old Testament. We wi ll focus specifically on two men Ezra and Herod the Great. Their legacies had a unmediated and dogged ensnare on the history during the Intertestamental time. They also had a direct notion on the writings of the New Testament. Ezra is described by the rule book as “a scribe of the law of nature force of the God of heaven” (Christian Pamphlets). Ezra was a man that love God and studied the law. Ezra 7:10 tells us “For Ezra had lively his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statues and judgments” (Life Applications Bible). Among the exiled Jews Ezra was one of them and was the captive of the Babylonian empirefor the 70 years after(prenominal) Jerusalem was destroyed and the tabernacle was burned down. His sole suggest during exileand captivity was providing spiritual guidance to those around him. According to biblical account, Ezra left Babylon in 458 B.C.E., when he journeyed and arrived in Jerusalem. Wi th a facsimile of the Torah in his hand and! sustenance from the King giving him in effect(p) right to enforce...If you want to contribute a full essay, tack it on our website:

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