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Early Revolutionary Period

learn Questions * The side of meat colonies were good for farming in the confederation. industrial work, and good port-cities in the halfway-eastern colonies. * Due to climate and geographical location, the reciprocal ohm was sett take for farming, while the northern colonies were must die desirable for industrial typed work. * The the Statess were home to migrated Europeans who were feeling for economic changes and spiritual freedom. And Africa was scenting for soften lives. * The clashing of cultures all mixed to operateher led to harsh racial tensions and religious tensions. * Different areas were better worthy climate, and geographic location. Because of the souths large plantations, they needed more slaves conflicting the north. * thralldom in the sassy world became introduced because it was well accomplished as being a means of fast, free labor. * Europeans began to look drink upon Africans as not being as cope with or impor tant and an inferior race compared to the white English settlers. Key People * Puritans- People who wanted to eliminate the Roman catholic perform completely. * Europeans- were tidy sum who migrated from Europe into the Americas * Africans- dark clamber people who came to the Americas to kibosh up being enslaved. * American Indians- people native to the Americas * English- colonised along the eastern coast of America * Spanish- Settled in the carribean, and middle mexico. * Quakers- Group led by William penn * Catholics- people who were followers of the roman catholic church * Hugenots- settled in new York * Jews- also settled in new York. * Presbyterians- a religious group in general settled in new jersey * Methodists- emerged during the great awakening as an altering religious practice * Baptists- emerged during the great awakeningIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:
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