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1.2 Company Profile Nike sports shoes and clothing are intimately identify by the familiaritys distinctive logo, the swoosh tick, and its slogan honest Do It Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike has its origins in 1964 when Oregon-based athlete discharge-key businessman, Phillip Knight, turn over on the idea of importing path shoes from lacquer to compete with the German brands such as Adidas and Puma which were thence dominating the US commercialise. The advantage was that the Japanese shoes were cheaper because undertaking was cheaper in Japan .He confidential informationted come on selling the shoes from the back up of his car at athletic meetings, but sales before long took off dramatically. In the 1970s, Knight and his growing company descry archean the jogging revolution and began marketing to non-professional runners as well. curtly wider markets capable as running shoes became a dash educational activity and everyone from kids to grannies began wearing them. By 1979 Nike had half the market in the US and a turnover of US$149 million. In the middle eighties however the companys seemingly unassailable position was sum when it failed to tell apart the emerging market for womens aerobic shoes, and was overtaken as market loss leader by Reebok. But by 1990 it had regained its lead, largely payable to the entrance of the Air Jordan shoe endorsed and promoted by basketball star Michael Jordan. now Nike retains its position as market leader in sports shoes, and is a significant player in sports wear and accessories. incident magazine publisher reported sales of US$37 one thousand million in 1994 and profits of US$299 million. Some 60 part of its sales are in the US, about 30 share in Europe and 5 percent in Asia. The company and its founder have always had a story for creation aggressive and unconventional, the bad boys of the shoe industry, built on violation for the sporting establishment and for any authority wh ich great power gag the individuals style.! The companys ethos involves a strong dedication to sport and fitness. Staffs at the...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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