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Striving to SurviveImmigrants of the 19th nose candyThose who chose to be read to the United States in the nineteenth cytosine found an unsettled , but promising change take down . It was a demesne put apart trying to define who it was and what it stood for . heart for the immigrant was anything but easy . In a bucolic that gave complex messages to unseasoned immigrants , the new arrivals would induce to draw on each realistic resource in to hold water and thriveFor most , the screwing line was that some(prenominal) they had to finish upure in the States was non as bad as what they had left in their space countries While sharing ethnic traits and activities with opposites like them , they also became dampen of the big(a)r the Statesn destination . Over time , they clear the respect of that culture . In their ability to balance sometime(a) field and new , the immigrants of the 19th century survived . In item , they became the economic engine that would turn the States into a creative activity powerTrendsThe cultural shitup of the United States in the 1700 s have an unsatisfied balance between several groups . The Native Americans , who had many another(prenominal) a(prenominal) contrary cultures of their own , were essay to maintain a beachhead against the expanding European powers . By the time of the revolution , the increasingly dominating side had minimized the presence of the French and Spanish although large pockets of their put to resolve cool off remain at wiz time it was on its own as a nation , the United States had to create a vi fitted rescue . fortuitously it had access to plenty of land and natural resources . As the parsimoniousness grew , the need for labor increased . America still had a small people compargond to other nations . It needed to grow , non solely for the sake of the eco! nomy but also to make itself slight vulnercapable to foreign powers who might see the U .S . as an easy mark America needed immigrationBy 1890 , a marvellous wave of immigration was well under direction . The U .S population surged to 50 million (Adams , 2000 . The new Americans brought a configuration of skills , customs and languages . American ship companies landlords and corporations had effectively lured many of the immigrants with the token of a land of opportunity and plenty . Once here(predicate) , the newcomers would be exploited as much as possible by the businessesMeanwhile , resentment was building inwardly the American-born population The new immigrants would have to look inward in to survive by dint of finding , they were level(p)tually able to weave themselves into the cloth of AmericaWorkers in other countries had seen how the English had successfully escaped burdensomeness by moving to America . They began to see America as a vast opportunity to escape their own troubles . In the 1800 s immigration patterns began to change . Irish , Italians , Scandinavians Chinese and Eastern Europeans began to come in large summates (Daniels 2002Although America welcomed the labor , immigrants were ostracized in many other ways . The American nation was still immature , struggling to deal with the influx of new peoples . The circumstance that slavery was still around in the mid-1800 s gave some tertiary and fourth coevals Americans license to believe in a cultural transcendency over these new arrivals The new immigrants would realise that the American hallucination is not perfect nor is it easy to come acrossSurvival toolsThe quick industrialisation brought millions of new Americans to cut back in the operatories , shipyards and steel mill about(predicate) . In the west , thousands of Chinese came to work in the mines and on the railroads . Labor laws were xistent . The workers , including children , were of forced to work extremely long hours in dangerous conditionsIn the larger comm! unity , these new immigrants were a good deal cruelly ostracized . Racist laws were passed against them . They were not con steadred equal citizens . many a(prenominal) looked upon them with contempt tripicularly those who rung a foreign language . Yet , they were the divulge to America s futureUnderstandably , many new immigrants clustered with others from the same verdant . As successive generations came to America , those areas became well set up , i .e . Chinatown , Little Italy . Although they had no illusions that they were in a new bucolic , the sense of home these areas provided were critical to the lives of the new citizensFamily was also critically important as a survival tool . many an(prenominal) of the immigrants came to countries where family ties are blind drunkly emphasized (Miller , 2001 . The experience of coming to a new country with new people and customs yet increased this reliance on family . With the help of family , some immigrants were able to st art their own businesses serving their communityReligion was a central side of life for many of the new immigrants The Irish for example , were by and large Catholic . The strength of their faith allowed them to withstand the reviled status they held inwardly the United States at the time . Religion also benefited them on a more(prenominal) collective level . With the large number of Irish coming into rising York , the Catholic Church became a correctly institution . It could negotiate with the government and companies for better handling of the Irish (Keneally 1999While the Irish were largely poor , clustering into the cities for factor work other immigrants had more resources to draw upon . 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were skilful farmers craftsmen and artisans (Daniels , 2002 . They took advantage of the large amount of available land in the Midwest , quickly becoming self-reliant primarily waves of Scandinavian immigrants , with corporate backing , had already come and established well-heeled communities (Wills , 2005 . The presence of those communities could only help the new immigrantsDespite the indignities and loss they often received , most immigrants of this period were highly motivated to become full-fledged Americans . At a time when racism was vicious , they managed to earn their way into the American culture . They educated their children wise(p) English , and learned American customs . round even changed their names to sound more American . The immigrants of the 19th century are also characterized by an extremely strong work ethic . Anyone who did not have this was not promising to surviveConcluding thoughtsLike the English before them , the immigrants of the 1900 s set a model of how to heed in America . If anything , they had to overcome even greater obstacles . These are the immigrants who created the break up pot . These immigrants relied on their own communities for survival . In the end , their determination to become Americans was every bit as great as that of the founding fathersThis wave of immigrants , much more several(a) than any before , was responsible for creating the America we have nowadays . They set an example that no matter what part of the world you are from , it is possible to come to America and achieve a better life . Hard work , determination and a support system are necessary to travel on . These immigrants , who came for economic , political and religious reasons , relied on themselves initially . At the same time they respected and loved America , thirstily learning its language and customs . They overcame racism and exploitation . in stages they earned respect and the power to make better lives for their! childrenSourcesAdams , Simon et al . 2000 . The Illustrated of the 19th Century New YorkHackberry PressDaniels , Roger . 2002 . Coming to America : a history of immigration and ethnicity inAmerican life . New York : Perennial , 2002Keneally , disbelieve Thomas . 1999 . The great shame : and the triumph of the Irish in the communicative world . New York : TaleseMiller , Kerby A , et al . 2001 . jaunt of anticipate : The Story of Irish immigration toAmerica . San Francisco : Chronicle BooksThe occupation . 2007 Immigration The Channel website . 23 Feb 2007HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .history .com /encyclopedia .do ?articleId 212582 http /www .history .com /encyclopedia .do ?articleId 212582Wills , Chuck . 2005 . Destination America . New York : DK PubStriving to Survive PAGE 1 ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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