Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Personality Reflections

spirit Reflection PSY 250 March 12, 2012 temperament Reflection I am posing at a restaurant with al well-nigh friends, and we were talking nigh our jobs. I was telling my friends about my four-in-hand, and how she likes to micro-manage me. In to the highest degree cases this is a nuisance because I know bonnie a pocket-sized bit more then she does, when it comes to our solar day-to day task. One of my friends asked me if I said anything to her about it, and maybe it is clean her record. Of course, I did non speak to my manager prior to this, but afterwards our misfires night out I did. I rear out that she did non mean to seem as if she was micro- managing me, and she was positive(p) in the work that I did. She actually apologized to me and said that she was told this before, and unfortunately, this is how she does most things in her life, and she did not mean any harm in arrears it. Personality has all forms, and some people are exceedingly ni ce, open, rude, submissive etc. Base on my experience with my manager I learned two things. One tell soulfulness they way you feel about how they are managing you because if they do not know then they evokenot fix it. The second thing I learned is different psychealities is important.
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How I mend personality Personality can be defined as the psychological qualities that produce pertinacity to an individuals demeanor in different situations and at different time (Zimbardo). I would define personality as an characteristic of a individual, and how they oppose to situations that arise. For example, a person who has a stead y down personality would probably not react ! sharply to someone who cuts him or her off while driving, as a person who does not have a calm personality. Personality can affect behavior of an individuals actions and influence our decisions, our thoughts and feelings. I address personality as a consistent behavior and does not change based on the situation. Key personalities that define me I am extremely closed person, and find sometimes...If you insufficiency to bring in a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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