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Reading Guide Chapter 14.1 (p. 379-401) Europe and the New terra firma, New Encounters (1500-1800) I. On the Brink of a New World A. The Motives 1. interaction with other(a) Cultures preceding to 1492 2. Economic Motives 3. Religious Zeal B. The Means 1. governing 2. Technology II. The Development of a Lusitanian Maritime pudding stone A. Prince Henry the Navigator and early expeditions B. Bartholomeu Dias C. Vasco da Gama D. Interaction with India E. intrusive for Spices 1. Alfonso de Albuquerque 2. Malacca 3. Other expeditions 4. Reasons for Success III. Voyages to the New World A. capital of Ohio Theories B. Columbus initiatory Voyage C. Columbus Discoveries D. Other Explorers 1. throne Cabot 2. Pedro Cabral 3. Vasco de Balboa 4. Ferdinand Magellan IV. The Spanish empire in the New World A. The Conquistadors 1. pay 2. Hernando Cortes v. Montezuma and the Aztec 3. Francisco Pizarro v. Atahualpa and the Inca B. Explain the administration of the Spanish Empire. C. Explain the impact of amplification on both the native Americans and the Europeans. V. New Rivals on the World Stage A. What was the background to the rivalries? B. Africa: The Slave Trade 1. Background 2. Origins 3. egression 4. Effects C. The due west in southeastern linked States Asia 1. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Portugal 2. Spain 3. The Dutch 4. Mainland Southeast Asia D. The French and British in India 1. The Mughal (Mogul) Empire 2. Impact of the westbound Powers a. The British b. Rivalries c. Results E. China 1. The Mi ng Dynasty (1369-1644) a. Achievements b! . Decline 2. The Qing Dynasty(Manchus) a. Origins b. early Achievements 3. Western InroadsDecline of the Qing a. Russia b. England F. Japan 1. Background 2. Initial orifice to the West 3. Act of Seclusion G. The Americas 1. Spain and Portugal 2. West Indies 3. British northward America 4. French North AmericaIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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