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Economics2006EconomicsUn purpose is the enforced idleness of w board earners who are able and leave alone to work but cannot find billets (Un usage , 2004 . There are varied causes of unemployment . When crossing Motors terminate some of its workers after it closes some(prenominal) of its union American jells referable to severe dec class in fording car sales , cyclical unemployment occurs , which happens when the tune cycle turns descending(prenominal) resulting to a general lack of demand for labor (Unemployment , 2004 . frictional unemployment happens when employees are laid-off from a bankrupt parcel program participation that could not survive the fierce competition from other software firms The terminated employees will now look for another agate line , which may take time and is dependent upon the demand an d supply of labor . Seasonal unemployment occurs when industries have lean periods , such as when one hundred farm workers lost their jobs when the harvesting age ended Lastly , structural unemployment refers to the imbalances that may happen when the multifactorial body part of an industry changes (Unemployment , 2004 Structural unemployment takes place when several hundred material workers lost their job when the textile plant where they work go from East Coast to the South and OverseasThe line of work cycle (Appendix 1 ) has four components namely : festering contraction , convalescence , and blowup . Maturation refers to the time when strain profits increase due to increased production and employment During the contraction confront of the business cycle , production employment , and business profits entirely fall (Business cycle , 2004 .
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The recovery stage refers to the revitalisation of the business after the contraction stage . The expansion stage happens when at that place is continuous revival of the business due to good frugal condition . evening though sparing activities vary , long growth is executable as long as thither is political constancy , monetary , and fiscal policy . conduct economic indicant is a variable that tends to show the flush of future economic activity (Q A about the saving , 2004 . Examples of leading economic indicator include Gross internal Product , fall price industrial production , ostentatiousness , and the relationship between supply and demandBibliographyBusiness cycle (2004 . Retrieved from : Microsoft Encarta Reference LibraryQ A about the preservation (2004 . Retrieved from : Microsoft Enc arta Reference LibraryUnemployment (2004 . Retrieved from : Microsoft Encarta Reference LibraryAppendix 1 PAGEPAGE 3ECONOMICS Page...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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