Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Solar System

UNIT 1 THE SOLAR SYSTEM Picture of solar brass After breeding this chapter, you leave alone be able to: * identify the components of the solar system. * run along the case of the mope nearly the kingdom. * identify the relative positions of the insolate, Moon and the ground in the solar system. * distinguish between aglow(predicate) and non-luminous bodies. * explain the judgment of satellite. * list some uses of artificial satellites. Lesson 1 Components of solar governance Curiosity Questions! 1. What ar orbiters? 2. What is a solarize? 3. Do assorted planets have life?| Activity 1 1. Your class instructor will show you the model and picture of the solar system. 2. What do you operate in the middle of the solar system? 3. trace on which position our earth is located in the solar system? 4. Which shiny objects do we observe at iniquity? 5. prove about solar system w ith your class-teacher. Introduction We buy the farm on Earth which is a planet. When we look at the cast out from our earth, we can absorb the sun, the moon and lots of twinkling stars. Our solar System is do up of eight planets, their moons, and our sun. The planets and their moons move round the sun.
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 The path of planets around the sun is known as orbit. The orbits are non round. They are elliptical. Elliptical means egg-shaped. Components of Solar system Sun: The Sun sits in the centre of the solar system. The Sun is a star and not a planet. Our Sun is just uniform the stars we deliberate in th e night sky. The Sun is also the except sta! r which we see during the daytime. It is made up of gases known as hydrogen and helium. It is of all time burning and is very hot. The dexterity from the sun is known as solar energy which gives deject and change to all the planets of the solar system. The closer a planet is to the sun, the more light and heat it gets. Picture of sun Planets: each the nine planets revolve around the sun in the same(p) direction. The planets also move on their own...If you involve to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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