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Alice In Wonderland

Stephanie Hoffman Mr. McCabe English 9G/5 15 February 2002         Alices Adventure in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, is an example of nonsense literature. Lewis Carroll was a very(prenominal) interresting man. He was a mathmatician, and he was an expert at logic. Although he loved logic he used the opposite, illogic, in composing this watchword. Carrolls real refer was Charles Dodgson. He was born in 1832. He changed his name when writing this defend so his reputation wouldnt be ruined. Carroll lived in Oxford, England. He taught at Christ Church for thirty years (1850-1880). He in like manner attended school there. His plan was to become a preist, hardly he ended up not change posit one. He as well never got married.          Carroll got the idea for this book eon working at Christ Church. He always taught in the library which looked into the beautiful garden that Alice and her two sisters played in. run across he taught he sat and watched them play. Alice was the daughter of Dean Liddell, the doyen of Christ Church.                  Carroll liked to photograph little girls. Nothing bad was ever repoted though because taking pictures just brought him back to his childhood. He never did anything bad to the girls. He took many pictures of Alice, and he became change of good partners with her family. He went on a canoe tripper with the Dean and his three children once. He told them a twaddle cook on Christ Church, and the main character was Alice. She liked the apologue so much that she wanted Carroll to write the story power shovel in for her. He wrote it down and gave it to her for a Christmas present. The origional title of the book was, Alices Adventures Underground. Carrolls friend drew all the pictures in the book, and his friend to a fault knew a publisher so his book was published and it became a very big success. Its the s econd best seller in the world... ! this is a good essay describing the story of Alice in wonderland. also the exposition of the character is detailed and accurate. If you want to get a luxuriant essay, order it on our website:

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