Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christian denominattions-The Armenian Apostolic church

The Armenian Apostolic perform be persistents to the oriental orthodox family of churches. The Armenian apostolic church was formed before the schism of the ascribable east and west catholic church. In Armenia Christianity can be traced counsel back to the time of the apostles of Christ Thaddeus and Bartholomew. Thaddeus and Bartholomew were the commencement honoring evangelists of Armenia and would preach to the highest degree the gospel to the Armenian people. Christianity Spread passably quickly in Armenia and just within a fewer centuries with the help of the proud family. In 310 St.Gregory the Illuminator officially established the church in Armenia. Armenia became the first nation in the world to put on got Christianity as its province religion. The council of Nicaea (325) created the first Christian doctrine (statement of beliefs) of the one-third which is the foundation of beliefs for the Armenian people. For many centuries the Armenian people did non h ave their knowledge language, they spoke Armenian but they read and wrote in both Greek or Syriac. This was a problem during chain reactor for those who did not know Greek or Syriac as prayers and hymns were in languages they could not follow. In 406 St.Mezrob Mashdotz created an Armenian alphabet. Mashdotz gained the help of Holy translators and unneurotic they translated the record form Greek to Armenian. This made the Christian trustfulness to a greater extent reachable and understandable for the Armenian people. In 430 Persia received oer Armenia and the Persian king Yazdegert obligate the Armenians to give up their faith. The Armenians tell war against Persia but scattered due to the size of their forces being so small. Physically defeat but they were stronger than invariably spiritually. The Armenian people continued their faith. The Armenians were finally free of the Persians in the 7th century although not long after the Arabs took all over Armenia. Th e Arabs were more tolerant of the Armenian f! aith but their rule ended in the middle 9th century. The Armenians also suffered a slay at the Ottoman Empire...If you loss to get a beat essay, order it on our website:

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