Friday, January 20, 2017

Letter to My Communications Professor

Dear Professor,\nMy mature communications home has been bingle of the most beneficial septes that I took this year. Most of the techniques that I conditioned were new to me. The class taught me how to professionally write understanding newsprints. We loosely contracted on peculiar(prenominal) areas of writing like interruption modifiers, subject verb agreement, and the use of commas. I am proud of my accomplishments and improvements in my writing skills. This paper focuses on my satisfactions and dissatisfactions with the course: focusing on paper organization, PIE split up structure, citing sources, and style for error.\nFirst, I was satisfied with my instructors focus on paper organization. in advance coming into the class I never noniced how unincorporated my papers would be. My papers had no structure at all. My paragraphs oft lacked an opening and concluding sentence. The greatness of these sentences was stressed in class, prefatorial and conclusion sentences helped incorporate the primary(prenominal) judgement of the paragraph. From that point on I made it a rule for me to have an introductory and conclusion sentence for every(prenominal) paragraph in my papers. Also, my dissertation dictation was a primary(prenominal) factor in the terms place. When writing my papers I placed my thesis educational activity somewhere randomly in the first paragraph. By alone randomly placing my thesis relation it made my paper harder to follow. My instructor encouraged that the thesis statement be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph. I followed her instructions and it made my paper easier to understand. Through our focus on paper organization I gained the skills to write a organized, understandable, and cerebrate paper.\nNext, PIE paragraph structure was something we center on that had a ripe effect on my writing skills. Before coming into the class I had no idea what Pie paragraph structure was. My paragraphs were not structured at all. PIE paragraph structure focused on the structure of the paragraph. In class we were tau... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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